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Fun with Functions in Python

Learning how to work with functions will make understanding advanced features in Python like lambdas and decorators much easier. It also puts you on a path toward functional programming techniques.

a year ago   •   6 min read

The Ultimate Python Programmer Roadmap (2023)

Whether your goal is to learn python for web development, data science, or machine learning, we'll go over the most important libraries and resources to learn after getting the basics down..

a year ago   •   5 min read

Basic Python Data Types

In this one, we're taking a deep dive into the built-in types that are available in python and how to use them.

3 years ago   •   8 min read

How the Internet Works

When you connect to the internet, magic happens. Seriously, it’s some pretty magical stuff and today we’re taking a deep dive into everything that makes up the internet.

3 years ago   •   4 min read